The Veggietales Pirates Movie – What Do you Think?

January 11th has come and gone ( the 11th was the opening day of the new Veggie Pirates Movie). The fate of the new Veggietales movie in the box office is not what was expected and is slowly moving along in the $$ box office numbers. As of this past weekend the total box office take is $11.2 million (slow and steady). Look at how well The Hannah Montana movie performed – it hit $29 million in just 3 days – wow!!

So what is the deal? Why did the Veggie Pirates Movie perform below expectations? I believe that the Pirates movie is a good solid family film. Good music, great story, silliness and just pure fun to watch for kids. Well – enough of what I think – What do you think? I am curious to hear from Veggie fans.

Here is what a few Veggie fan’s thought . . .

“Great Family night opportunity”

“It was a great family film”

“It was great and taught a great lesson”

“It was the best! Loved it and all the kids that went loved it! Thanks Big Idea!

“It was delightful and taught a great lesson that with God’s help we can do anything.”

“Nothing in the movie about God will make church people NOT go to see the movie.’

“Excellent Biblical teaching in a great entertainment format.”

‘I would not recommend this as a Christian Movie as there was not one mention of God or any Bible verses. Just another movie – it was okay. I expected alot more from Big Idea remember why you started and return your roots!!!


Welcome Veggie Pirates!

Greeting Veggie Fans!
Welcome to the new blog for where we feature all things Veggietales. The new family film “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” debut was this past weekend. The movie opened to an excited audience throughout the land! In day and age where there are very few safe family films to go see – the Veggies deliver with delightful adventure that families are sure to love. If you have not yet seen the movie on the big screen – then pull up your stakes and head on out this weekend!

Here is what a few of the critics are saying. . .
So what’s the good word on Pirates? The critics love ‘Pirates!’

“Veggies the kids will love” – Newsday

“Tots will eat this Veggietales up.” – New York Daily News

“For values-based produce, a heroric Seafaring Quest.”- New York Times

“Veggietales has fun with swashbucklers.” LA Times

“Moral nutrients of the latest ‘Veggietales movie are pureed to perfection.”
Chicago Sun Times