The Theater Industry Wants More Family Films

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This just in . . .

The theater industry is looking for more family films and they are saying that the lack of the family genre is hurting their box office numbers. Well – this is interesting and very telling. Many have felt that there is a HUGE void regarding the lack of choices for families these days when they venture out to take in a film at their local theater.  So with this void, the question that rises to top for me is this. Will there continue to be a void or will the dark hole be filled with some creative, quality family films that engage, entertain and leave audiences wanting more?  Frances Schaffer Sr. ( Author and Theologian) often talked about how the church has abandoned the arts over the years and really stepped away from creative expression.  I believe that the church should be setting the standard and allowing creative story telling to rise up and take center stage. There are so many incredible stories still yet to be told.  At the end of the day  I believe that are many creatives  that have come to the same conclusion and they are doing something about it! They are telling their stories and allowing God to use their creative process to enrich our culture with powerful movies that can impact and shape modern culture.

So Here is the kicker. When these films arrive on the scene and we (the church) have an opportunity to support those who are telling their stories through the use film, we need to show up and support them!!!  Here it goes . . .  Stop complaining about culture and DO something about it. Vote with your wallet, do what you can to champion the film arts and creative families films that are so desperately needed. Not just to satisfy the box office numbers for the theater industry, but to impact culture with family friendly, clean, wholesome, entertaining movies.

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