The wind and the reckoning is a must-see film!

What would you do for your family if there was a threat to your survival? Would you sacrifice everything? Would you lay down your life? Those are a few of the questions I was left to ponder after watching the new film from director/producer David L Cunningham called “The Wind and the Reckoning.” David has produced numerous films, including Running with Grace, To End All Wars, Path to 911 and After.

This is a story that I thought I was familiar with, but I came to find out I know very little about the history and nothing about the personal stories behind the island of Molokai. I was very intrigued to see this film, and I moved, inspired and have grown to love the Hawaiian culture. The movie was beautifully shot in Hawaii during the pandemic, as the cast and crew all lived in a bubble for the duration of the production.

What is the story about?

1893.  Based on real-life historical events as told through the memoirs of Pi’ilani herself. The Hawaiian Kingdom has been overthrown by a Western power just as an outbreak of leprosy engulfs the tropical paradise. The new government orders all Native Hawaiians suspected of having the foreign disease banished permanently to a remote colony on the island of Moloka’i that is known as ‘the island of the living grave.’ When a local cowboy named Ko’olau and his young son Kalei contract the dreaded disease, they refuse to allow their family to be separated, sparking an armed clash with brutal white island authorities that will make Ko’olau and his wife, Pi’ilani, heroes for the ages.

This movie is an entertaining, moving and an inspirational film that everyone should take the time to see. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this film on the BIG screen and to experience the story and the majestic island of Hawaii.

The Wind and the Reckoning opened November 2022 in Hawaii to great success and is releasing on the mainland in May 16 in Dallas, Portland and LA and in NYC May 19th 2023.

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