Veggietales Girl Power Coming This Summer!

Sweetpea Beauty DVD - July 31, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the truest heart of all?  Well – this is the question that is asked in the next  Veggietales episode from the studios of Big Idea called “Sweetpea Beauty –  A Girl after God’s Own Heart”.

This new installment deals with a Lesson About True Beauty.

According to Big Idea The story goes like this . . .

“Once upon a time, there lived a royally sour blueberry, a fair rhubarb maiden
and a dastardly deceptive mirror! Sweetpea Beauty knows that what’s on the inside is what matters most, but insecure Queen Blueberry can’t see past her own reflection! So, when a decree is handed down that only the most beautiful can rule the land, the Queen gets nervous and things turn ugly! Banished to the dark forest, Sweetpea’s fate seems bleak until a charming prince, a band of merry minstrels and seven snow peas come to the rescue!  Will Sweetpea and her friends be able to warn the Queen in time to save her from the clutches of the tricky mirror — or will the crumbling kingdom and the Queen’s own heart be lost forever? Find out in this fairy “Veggie” tale about the real meaning of true beauty”.   Stay tuned for this new installment this summer!

Also on the new disk will be the new Silly Song is called “Pants” and I wonder if it will be able to top “The Hairbrush Song”?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

New compilation DVD coming this summer . . .

The girls are taking over on this summer and Bob and Larry are focusing on the stories from the softer side of life in a compilation DVD called “Girl Power” featuring Madame Blueberry, Esther and Duke and The Great Pie Wars.

Street date for Veggietales Sweetpea Beauty DVD is July 31st, 2010.

Still Green 15 Years Later!

Attention Veggietale fans. Big Idea is rolling out the red carpet to celebrate its 15th anniversary with a special edition DVD re-release of Where’s God When I’m Scared? A live 10 week stage tour “Where’s God When I’m Scared”, two new book titles and other product tie-ins.Where\'s God Collectors Edition DVD

The re-release of the first Veggietales title “Where’s God When I’m Scared’ (Thank you – I still have this one on VHS and I need to upgrade to a DVD version) is coming to an e-tailer near you on August 19th, 2008 ( This classic title is where it all started back in 1993 in the spare bedroom of Mr. Jellyfish ( Phil Vischer). The live stage tour will land this fall in a city near you and the other product tie-ins will hit just in time for school.

Where’s God When I’m Scared was a groundbreaking title that launched Veggietales forward into the Christian market and beyond. The story is simple, the the characters are endearing and you will find yourself singing and or humming the song “God is Bigger than the Boogieman” as you walk the isle of your local grocery store. In the end we find out that God can help us thru our fears and He will comfort us in our times of need.

To pre order and to check out other Veggietales titles go to

The Veggietales Pirates Movie – What Do you Think?

January 11th has come and gone ( the 11th was the opening day of the new Veggie Pirates Movie). The fate of the new Veggietales movie in the box office is not what was expected and is slowly moving along in the $$ box office numbers. As of this past weekend the total box office take is $11.2 million (slow and steady). Look at how well The Hannah Montana movie performed – it hit $29 million in just 3 days – wow!!

So what is the deal? Why did the Veggie Pirates Movie perform below expectations? I believe that the Pirates movie is a good solid family film. Good music, great story, silliness and just pure fun to watch for kids. Well – enough of what I think – What do you think? I am curious to hear from Veggie fans.

Here is what a few Veggie fan’s thought . . .

“Great Family night opportunity”

“It was a great family film”

“It was great and taught a great lesson”

“It was the best! Loved it and all the kids that went loved it! Thanks Big Idea!

“It was delightful and taught a great lesson that with God’s help we can do anything.”

“Nothing in the movie about God will make church people NOT go to see the movie.’

“Excellent Biblical teaching in a great entertainment format.”

‘I would not recommend this as a Christian Movie as there was not one mention of God or any Bible verses. Just another movie – it was okay. I expected alot more from Big Idea remember why you started and return your roots!!!