Veggietales Live – Great for the Whole Family!

I had the honor this past week to travel with the cast and crew of Veggietales Live – God Made You Special Tour. I was able to see first hand the quality of the show from start to finish.  First of all I had never traveled with a Live show and after one week I sure do appreciate the long days and hard work that both cast and crew put forth in order to produce a great show.  I traveled from Bozeman Montana to Eugene Oregon  and each show was awesome – but some of the shows stood out during the 12 show run.  Missoula Montana made a mark in my mind.  It was so cool to see families engaged  in the show and singing the songs with their kids and just having a great family time together. I stood back and thought – every Veggietales fan needs to be at this Live Show!  Let face it – there are not to many solid Live shows that a Christian family can attend these days. Veggietales delivers on this one for sure!!

Let me give you an overview of the show . . .

If you arrive early there will be some pre show videos playing on the screen that everyone will love.   The music is classic Veggietales – you will find yourself tapping your toes and singing thru each line of some of your favorite Veggie Tunes.  The costumes are larger than life ( which make each seat in the house have a pretty good view).  The story line is classic Veggie ( Bob is lost in Larry time machine – Larry bought it on Ebay) and they have to find where Bob disappeared to. In the midst of all this we are reminded that “God Made You Special” and loves you very Much ( as Bob always says).  I loved the show and thought it was very well written and executed. The show is mixed with live actors with creative dance steps, colorful costumes and the Wierd Ometer ( you will find out when you go to the show).

Has anyone seen the live show? Let me know what you think about this all new  Veggietales Live Show.

So if you want a great family outing that the entire clan will love – than check out Veggietale Live this fall. Now on tour thru Thanksgiving.

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The Veggietales Pirates Movie – What Do you Think?

January 11th has come and gone ( the 11th was the opening day of the new Veggie Pirates Movie). The fate of the new Veggietales movie in the box office is not what was expected and is slowly moving along in the $$ box office numbers. As of this past weekend the total box office take is $11.2 million (slow and steady). Look at how well The Hannah Montana movie performed – it hit $29 million in just 3 days – wow!!

So what is the deal? Why did the Veggie Pirates Movie perform below expectations? I believe that the Pirates movie is a good solid family film. Good music, great story, silliness and just pure fun to watch for kids. Well – enough of what I think – What do you think? I am curious to hear from Veggie fans.

Here is what a few Veggie fan’s thought . . .

“Great Family night opportunity”

“It was a great family film”

“It was great and taught a great lesson”

“It was the best! Loved it and all the kids that went loved it! Thanks Big Idea!

“It was delightful and taught a great lesson that with God’s help we can do anything.”

“Nothing in the movie about God will make church people NOT go to see the movie.’

“Excellent Biblical teaching in a great entertainment format.”

‘I would not recommend this as a Christian Movie as there was not one mention of God or any Bible verses. Just another movie – it was okay. I expected alot more from Big Idea remember why you started and return your roots!!!