To Save A Life Hits Stores on August 3rd, 2010

To Save A Life on DVD Outreach Films announced the news about the hit movie – “To Save A Life”. The DVD and the Blue Ray version will be in stores on August 3rd, 2010.  This film has had a tremendous impact on teenagers and youth groups across the country. This is a film for teenagers and is PG13.

Here is a testimony from a grandma.

“I went to this movie yesterday afternoon. I do not know when I have been as impacted by a movie. It hits us all, as we all know of someone in the situations these young people are in. I am a nearly 70 year old grandma, I know and love, and am passionate about many of these young teens, as they go to my church and are in my life. I want to see everyone go to this movie. I am going to go to Evangel Book Store today and get $50.00 worth of tickets to give to the kids I know so that none can say they could not afford to go.

Thank you so very much Paul for your efforts in getting this word out. It is about loving these kids where they live, now, not after they have been all washed and cleaned up. May the Lord bless you greatly,  Keep up the good Godly work, I am praying for you and what you are doing…. Changing the World one young person at a time….”
Grandmother from Medford Oregon

So if you have a teenager in the house – this may be a great film to add to your collection. If you are a youth pastor and want to show the film to a group – the church site license is available now.

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