Surf without Getting Wet!

Surfing without Getting Wet!

This thing is cool!  The surf simulator was featured on Extreme Home Makeover in May of 2010 ( The Carr Family). Check out the Extreme Home Makeover Episode featuring the Surf Simulator. Bethany Hamilton was a guest as well in this episode. FYI –  Bethany has a new movie coming to theaters soon called “Soul Surfer” ( Spring of 2011).

Anyway the description of the room from the ABC web site states the following.

“The Surfing Room — Paige decked out the walls and floors to make us feel like we’re in the ocean. Ryanne and Haydn even have a surfboard that links to a surfing game in their room. Hang ten, kids!”

The  Surf Board reacts to the movement of the surfer as they cut back and forth ripping thru each wave into the barrel.

You can hire the Surf Simulator for events for churches, youth groups, trade shows, birthday parties and such.  Pretty cool stuff!!  You can surf, get your photo with the surf board and the locals.

Contact us via email and we will put you in touch with the right people for more information.

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