Harvest of Veggiestales Coming to Kidz On Earth

It is going to be an exciting Fall this year!  Because I am a VeggieTales fan and there is a HUGE new crop of Veggietales products that are arriving in time for the Fall harvest. Or plenty of time for all the birthdays, Harvest parties and Christmas.

Well – just arrived back from St. Louis. For some reason the song “nothing could be finer that (something in St.Louie). Sorry – I digress.  Anyway – good news about Veggietales for all the Veggie fans around the world.  Here is an overview of some of the new stuff from Bob and Larry. First and foremost the new fall episode is called “It’s a Meaningful Life” – a cross between a Wonderful Life meets Polar Express. Sounds and looks like it will be a great episode and the focus is a lesson in Courage.

So there is also new books, music, plush, Christmas, umbrellas, backpacks, photo frames, 2010 calendars, nativity playset, shoes, playground balls, puzzles and so much more. You can check it all out at Kidzonearth.com.

The biggest news of all ( in my opinion) is the return of the Larryboy Mobile!  Yes the Larry Mobile is making a comeback!!  Yah hoo.  Check it out here and you can also pre order ( historically they go very fast). Pre Order Larry Mobile here

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