Old Fashioned takes on 50 Shades of Grey

Old Fashioned Movie Poster

The date has been set and both opponents have their eyes on Valentines Day weekend for the big showdown.  It is going to be an interesting lead up to the release of the both of these films. Just like the announcement on media day for an upcoming heavy weight boxing match, the challenges begin. I noticed the following question that was posted this morning by the studio for Old Fashioned and I think it is very interesting question and is drawing a very distinct and clear line in the sand.

“Which book would you rather guide your daughter’s life choices?”


You can call me old fashioned, but I am going with the one on the right! I have viewed the 50 Shades trailer in a recent set of previews and this movie is just wrong on so many levels and I believe 50 Shades will have a profound negative effect on the culture.  I believe a movie like 50 Shades are contributing to the free fall down the slippery slope as a society.

Check out the trailer below for the movie  Old Fashioned and mark your calendars for Valentines Day weekend ( Valentines Day is February 14 for those of you guys who seem to forget). #oldfashionedmovie

The movie Old Fashioned will definitely stir the pot and cause much conversation, debate and reflection about what love is and what love is not.

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