The Hoffman’s are back!

After a three-year break from the grind of Gold Rush, Todd Hoffman is back with a new show called “Hoffman Family Gold.

Hoffman Family Gold, which premiered March 25th on Discovery and discovery+ will have a total of 10 episodes that takes the Hoffmans back into the Alaskan wilderness with father Todd, son Hunter, and grandfather Jack (and a few other faces with Andy and Thurber) showcasing three generations of gold mining grit as they try to secure enough gold to pay the bills and win a mining lease. But according to Todd Hoffman, it’s family time and Jack’s dream that has fueled the family’s decision to sign up for another high profile and high-risk adventure. We hope that there will be a season two and three and so on. Ok, you get the idea. We would like to see the Hoffman’s stay around on Discovery for a few seasons.

Todd Hoffman would be the first to tell you that he’s far from perfect, but he has the chance to share his faith on TV, and it allows him the opportunity to provide hope to anyone who is watching.

“The show’s not going to show perfect Christians, but it is going to show our faith and that we do love Jesus Christ and we are sold out on the saving grace of Christ,” said the reality star, who became a Christian when he was young. “We want everybody to be encouraged in that. We want everybody to know that God has already won.”

So join the Hoffman’s on this new adventure to find some gold and how they work together as a family. Check out the trailer below and set your clocks for Friday nights at 8:00pm.

Dave Almgren – Faith and Family Films

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