A new movie from the Smallbone Brothers

Multi-Grammy Award-winning duo for KING & COUNTRY officially announced their second feature-length film is coming soon ( I think it may be hitting theaters sometime in 2023). ‘Unsung Hero’ is billed as The Dramatic True Story of an Immigrant Mum and Her Family.

“Many of you have heard our family’s story over the years, but never quite like this- after a devastating financial loss in Australia during the 90s, our Mum and Dad made an incredibly courageous leap to pack up their six kids (with one on the way) and 16 suitcases to move halfway across the world in hopes of a new beginning in the United States,” the duo shared in the announcement. “This is a film about our Mum and motherhood, family and miracles, sacrifice and faith… A film for YOU…It’s been a pretty outrageous undertaking these last few months, but it’s a story we’re incredibly proud of, and we can’t wait to share it with you.” said the Smallbone brothers.

For KING & COUNTRY’s first feature film, titled Priceless, opened in theaters in October 2016, received positive reviews and feedback from audiences, and was the #1 independent film during its launch weekend.

Word on the street is that this film is produced by Kingdom Story Company and co-directed by Joel Smallbone from For King and Country. The cast includes Joel Smallbone and Terry O’Quinn plays the part of Grandpa Smallbone ( Terry has a long list of TV and film credits, including Lost, Hawaii Five O and many others roles).

More information is expected soon. Check out the movie website to sign up for updates at unsungheromovie.com.


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