42 is a Must See Movie!!

ImageThis past week I had the chance to preview the new film called “42”. This is the story about Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers. This is a film that engages and inspires you well beyond the credits.  I say this because of the multiple layers in the movie and the fact that the movie is based upon a true story. The acting was superb and allowed you to become invested in the characters. The film is cut well, has high production value and the story keeps you engaged throughout the entire 128 minutes. This film is part love story, a lesson in over coming adversity, an inspirational story and a history lesson that leaves you thinking beyond the credits about the man, his mission and commitment to do things right.

I have to say I have followed baseball over the years and have been very familiar with Jackie Robinson and his life in baseball. Or at least I thought I did . . . But there are a few things that I learned from this film regarding the era, Jackie, his life and his convictions.

42 is a must see movie that will inspire you to do what is right. Challenge you to stand up for what you believe in and motivate you to stay the course.   Jackie Robinson is truly an American legend who changed baseball and also challenge the nation to make a change in the right direction regarding race.  I overheard some younger people in the audience that stated “who is Jackie Robinson?” I would imagine there are many from younger generations that are being introduced to Jackie and his story for the very first time. Mr Robinson is the kind of hero that we need today. Thank you Warner Brothers for telling the story and thank you Jackie for your example and staying the course!!


About the movie:
“42” based on a true story of two men-Jackie Robinson, the baseball great who broke the Major League color barrier, and Branch Rickey, the iconic Brooklyn Dodger GM who brought Robinson to the team. Their brave stand against racism forever changed the world by changing the game of baseball. “Your enemy will be out in force, but you cannot meet him on his own low ground”……..”I want a player who’s got the guts not to fight back.”- Branch Rickey

Harrison Ford (Branch Rickey), Chadwick Boseman (Jackie Robinson), Nicole Beharie (Rachel Robinson), Christopher Meloni (Leo Durocher), Lucas Black (Pee Wee Reese)

Release Date:


Running Time:
128 minutes

Veggietales The Little House that Stood – Review

Veggietales The House That StoodIntroducing Brycen’s new review called “Brycen’s Review to You!”  Each segment will feature reviews of  new children’s videos and products. What better than to hear from an eight year old regarding her feelings about new stuff available to families and kids?  On Brycen’s first review post she gives an overview  and her insightful thoughts about this new Veggietales episode The Little House That Stood.

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Thanks for your time and remember this – the choices you make today will determine who you  are tomorrow.

The Theater Industry Wants More Family Films

filmstrip familyfilms

This just in . . .

The theater industry is looking for more family films and they are saying that the lack of the family genre is hurting their box office numbers. Well – this is interesting and very telling. Many have felt that there is a HUGE void regarding the lack of choices for families these days when they venture out to take in a film at their local theater.  So with this void, the question that rises to top for me is this. Will there continue to be a void or will the dark hole be filled with some creative, quality family films that engage, entertain and leave audiences wanting more?  Frances Schaffer Sr. ( Author and Theologian) often talked about how the church has abandoned the arts over the years and really stepped away from creative expression.  I believe that the church should be setting the standard and allowing creative story telling to rise up and take center stage. There are so many incredible stories still yet to be told.  At the end of the day  I believe that are many creatives  that have come to the same conclusion and they are doing something about it! They are telling their stories and allowing God to use their creative process to enrich our culture with powerful movies that can impact and shape modern culture.

So Here is the kicker. When these films arrive on the scene and we (the church) have an opportunity to support those who are telling their stories through the use film, we need to show up and support them!!!  Here it goes . . .  Stop complaining about culture and DO something about it. Vote with your wallet, do what you can to champion the film arts and creative families films that are so desperately needed. Not just to satisfy the box office numbers for the theater industry, but to impact culture with family friendly, clean, wholesome, entertaining movies.

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Random Thought #422 The Bible

Random thought of the day:
You may have heard that one the most popular shows on tv right now is The History Channels new series called The Bible (68 Million viewers). It seems like there are many who are watching and learning about the most read book in history. Many today do not know much if anything about the Bible and the stories between the pages. So is the visibility of this series causing people to talk? Are there conversations around the water cooler at the office as well as the virtual water cooler taking place? I believe there are many conversation regarding issues of faith taking place and God is using this series to bring people to place where they are having healthy discussions about the Bible and its core message of hope and God’s love for the world.

James Hong Interview in Portland


In 2013 I was working on a new family movie called “The Lost Medallion” and I had the chance to interview one of the stars of the film. You may not recognize his name, but at some point in the last sixty years you surely have seen the face or heard the voice of James Hong on TV or in film. James has appeared in over 500 film and television shows, not to mentioned the many voice over roles throughout the years. James did the voice over for Mr.Ping in Kung Fu Panda #1 and #2 and he says maybe in Kung Fu Panda #3.

The day of the interview just happened to be Mr. Hong’s 84th birthday. He shared that he really started out in thIMG_4845e business as a comic  and included impersonations of Jimmy Stewart, James Cagney and others in his routine ( he shared a few impersonations with us as well). James Hong is classy gentleman and it was a thrill to meet this Hollywood legend.

Summer Staycation Ideas for Families!


Summer staycation ideasIt’s summer time once again and it is also time to be creative with regards to family outings that will not break the bank. Gas prices are still very high and the cost to travel can add up very fast. We have a few ideas that will apply to specific events in Portland Oregon – but many cities will also feature similar events for families. Be creative and use the local resources in your community to enrich your family summer experience. As a result you will not spend more money than you need to – but you will create some lasting memories for your family.


Check out The Grilled Cheese Grill in North East Portland (Alberta Street area). This cool eatery sits on the  corner and is an old Air stream Trailer and you order your Grilled Cheese Sandwich ( that is all they serve) any way you may want it served. Than you can mosey on over to the old school bus where you can grab a seat for the entire family and enjoy your Grilled Cheese master piece.


Many restaurants offer FREE meal for kids with with the purchase of an adult meal. These offers can really help this summer and can keep costs down as you plan you Staycation events this summer. Do a Google search to find all the kids friendly restaurants in your community. Consider going out once a week with your family and create some summer time memories. 


Check your local parks for Free movies for families. Portland Oregon has a full summer schedule of Free movies in the park. Check your local parks and Rec web site for more details on times and locations and movies playing.


images-1It is Friday night. What are you going to do? Going to a movie at the theater can set you back $50.00 or more images-2after popcorn, drinks and tickets. We suggest that you buy or rent a family movie and show it at home. Make some popcorn, roll out the blankets and enjoy the evening together. Another option is to check out the secondary theaters that usually show family movies during the summer at a reduced rate.


Or create a family movie night for your block with families in the neighborhood. This is a great way to meet your neighbors and to get outside the walls of your house. This past summer one entire street was blocked off and a screen was set up in the middle of the street for the movie. Everyone had a great time and neighbors were talking and creating memories together.

KidzOnEarth.com features a wide variety of faith and family movie titles that will deliver a great entertaining story.

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I’ve Never Seen That Street Sign Before!

Recently I started to walk each morning instead of going to the gym to walk on the treadmill for some daily exercise. Why you might ask (or might not).  The gym is so nice and new with the high tech equipment. Anyway – It’s cheaper for one thing and also not as boring as the enclosed upstairs of the gym.  I also am able to join my wife and enjoy her company on each walking adventure.

The  last few times I have begun to noticed elements that I had never seen before.  Really – I never noticed!   Northeast Wiberg Lane was one of the things I have missed for years.  I have driven down this street hundreds of times and never noticed the name of the street. You see when you are driving your car your eyes are always on the road ( which is a good safety guideline to follow).  As a result you miss details. They may seem like unimportant details – but details non the less.

Another item was as I walked under a tree and looked up in the branches to see five birds nets. Something I had never seen as I quickly drove down the street in a hurry to my next destination.

So how does this apply to life?  Well – it can be applied in the following manner.  Slow down and notice the small details in life. Enjoy the journey and those who are on the adventure with you. Life is short and fleeting and happens at light speed. Life is about relationships, memories and taking care of others.  True happiness is not found in the accumulation of stuff – but rather in living simple and uni-cumbered by piles of material possessions

So next time you want to exercise – walk in your neighborhood and take in all the surroundings and enjoy the journey.