Does Club Jelly Telly Help Fill The Void?

ImageSo what is Club Jelly Telly anyway? Is it the latest jelly of the month club for those families that can’t make their monthly run to Costco? I had to say it – because that may have been the first thought that popped into your mind.  No, It’s not from Harry and David’s, but from the one and only Phil Vischer (creator of Veggietales). In my last post I talked about the church stepping up and bringing wholesome family programming to the table. Well, Phil Vischer is one those pioneers and he is certainly is a covered wagon, head for the west type of pioneers that is willing to step out and take a risk and is attempting to fill the void.

Here is what Club Jelly Telly is all about.

Club JellyTelly is a unique online network for families, developed by VeggieTales and What’s In the Bible? creator, Phil Vischer. As a faith-based alternative to other chidren’s programming, JellyTelly provides families with a safe place to learn and play online. We have gathered the largest and most diverse collection of Christian children’s programming in the world for families to enjoy and engage.

Whether you want to spend some quality time with your family or just need a break in the day, Club JellyTelly is here to provide programming that you can believe in!

Click Here to Listen to Phil Vischer talk about Jelly Telly;

So to answer the question that is in the title of this blog. I would have to say Yes! I believe Club Jelly Telly does fill a void and provides parents with excellent family programing that parents can be proud of and whole heartily support! So here we go folks, here is an effort that we can support and get behind with our wallet. The site is up and running and Phil needs our support (Jelly Telly).   If you like what you see and you can afford $5.00 per month. Give it a try and see how your family likes the programming content.

Thanks Phil for being a pioneer and for filling the void!!

Dave Almgren – Family Films

Phil Vischer Brings us “What’s In The Bible?”

Check out this all new introduction to What’s in the Bible? from the creator of Veggietales  Phil Vischer. Oh yes – Phil – he is  the voice of Bob The Tomato and all those other voices from your beloved Veggies. I think you will like this new series.  The first two DVDs hit the first week of March with Genesis and Exodus . . . So mark your calendars for the release date of March 11th.  In the meantime – grab some popcorn ( a small bag because this is just a tease video) and get ready for some fun and learning!

Check it out! Yes go ahead and watch the video – it’s some good stuff.

You can pre order the new DVDs – click right here!

Huckleberry Larry is Coming Down Stream

Huckleberry Larry ad Bob SawyerMeet Tomato Sawyer & Huckleberry Larry – two friends homesteading along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. Tom & Huck look forward to owning their own land, building a home and opening Huck’s Jerkey Land and Tom’s Tax Service. But everything changes when they meet a mysterious stranger who is on the run and trying to find his mama. Will Huck & Tom risk losing all they’ve worked for in order to help someone they hardly know? A lesson in helping others.

This new episode is the latest all new Veggietales episode to arrive on the scene since the Pirates Movie. Rumor is that Phil Vischer wrote this story – if this is true it will be a great episode. There was a screening last night for a conference in the south (April 14th). If anyone happened to be at this screening of Huck Larry – please chime in and let us know what is in store with this clever spin on Huck Fin.

Find out in this all-new adventure Veggietales – Big River Rescue! Coming to DVD this July 12th, 2008. Pre order this new title at

If you live in Portland Oregon – Mark your calendars for ( Saturday July 12th 10:30am) the big screen premiere of Huckleberry Larry. This event will be held at the Hollywood theater in Portland Oregon.

Click here to view a trailer of the new Veggietales episode.