Phil Vischer Brings us “What’s In The Bible?”

Check out this all new introduction to What’s in the Bible? from the creator of Veggietales  Phil Vischer. Oh yes – Phil – he is  the voice of Bob The Tomato and all those other voices from your beloved Veggies. I think you will like this new series.  The first two DVDs hit the first week of March with Genesis and Exodus . . . So mark your calendars for the release date of March 11th.  In the meantime – grab some popcorn ( a small bag because this is just a tease video) and get ready for some fun and learning!

Check it out! Yes go ahead and watch the video – it’s some good stuff.

You can pre order the new DVDs – click right here!

3 thoughts on “Phil Vischer Brings us “What’s In The Bible?”

  1. Hi,

    I’m the publicist for Phil Vischer’s new DVD series, “What’s In the Bible?” I’m glad you’re so excied about it. Would you be interested in reviewing a screener copy of the DVDs on this blog?

    Feel free to contact me if you’re interested or for more information.

    Christy Wong
    Tyndale House Publishers

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