The Veggie Pirate’s Are Coming to DVD!

The pirate’s are pulling up to the dock October 11th, 2008 on DVD. The theatrical release produced $12.5 million at the box office. What will the DVD sales look like as it hits the store in time for the Christmas season?  Will the FREE pirate hat and sword convince fans to take the plunge or will they walk the plank and make the purchase?  Big Idea and the parent company sure hope that this new Veggie title performs well this holiday season. Maybe strong sales on this title can help keep Bob and Larry off the sale block.  The rumor is that Entertainment Rights is trying to sell off some of their assets to help cover some debt.  We will see what happens with this story.Regardless of the status of Big Idea – The Pirates movie is a wholesome family movie that delivers a message that God can use anybody and wants to be apart of our lives. The music is classic Veggie and the story is creatively written by Phil Vischer.

Big Idea is now 15 years old and seems to be holding on with consumer interest. Saturday mornings on NBC seem to be going strong.  Numbers are down from season #1 -but NBC has committed to go thru this season with Bob house and 321 Penguins.

Pre order the new Pirates DVD now at

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