Hey – That’s Personal! Cool Kids Stuff

How cool would it be to have your child’s favorite characters singing their favorite song with your child’s name in the song?  Well – now it is possible with a new line of CDs and books from a company called Just Me Music. They have created a great new line of CDs that has Barney, Mickey, Bob and Larry and a few other popular characters singing their trademark songs to your child. It is really a wonderful idea. I have to say that I was concerned when I first heard of this idea – I thought it would sound cheesy.  The reality is that the quality is very good and the sound is seamless regarding the singing of the child’s name in the songs. They also feature a line of personalized books ( Veggietales) that insert the child’s name in the story.  This is awesome!! They take into consideration the personality of the child and incorporate the child’s name as they progress through the story.

So if you are looking for a unique gift for that special child in your life this Christmas season- than this could be the perfect gift. This is very different and is specific to the child you are giving the present to for their birthday, Christmas or just because. I have provided a link to their web site justmemusic.com.

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