Fireproof Movie is Hot on Opening Weekend!

Fireproof Now in Theaters!
Fireproof Now in Theaters!

Fireproof hit theaters on Friday September 26th and opened #3 with $2.3 million box office and #2 in per screen average ($2,741 – this is only $40 less than Eagle Eye). Fireproof ended the weekend at #4 with a $4.8 million box office.

This new film featuring Kirk Cameron is a film about a firefighter who is trying to save his marriage. In a day when 50% of marriages are ending in divorce and the divorce rate with fireman is 75% to 90% we need movies that are positive and provide some solutions.  This film provides a tool for Caleb to use in his attempt to save his marriage (it is called The Love Dare).   The book helps Caleb to understand what love is and how to be a better husband and will no doubt help many couples in this country who are on the verge of divorce.  The heart of this film is to address the issue of failing marriages in the USA  and to provide some tools  for couples to help navigate through struggling marriages.

Dr. Phil had a show last week called “Fireproofing your marriage” and made the following statement about Fireproof the movie.  Dr. Phil says. “I think this is a terrific movie.  I think this is a terrific storyline, and I think you do a great job in it, and I hope everybody will go see it,” Dr. Phil says. “This is a movie, like so many of the projects you’re involved in, that does have a message. It does have meaning and a purpose that’s just beyond entertainment, right?”  Kirk affirmed this fact that he has chosen projects that he can feel good about the end product. The Dr. Phil show was on the nose about these problems and discussed the challenges that Fire fighters face every day.  More about Fireproofing Your Marriage show on Dr. Phil

Thank you to Sherwood for stepping out to address this challenge in America.

So all in all – this is a good film with a great message.

Go and see the film!

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If you have seen the film lets hear what you think. Also – I believe that there will be many marriages that will be saved as a result of The Love Dare.  Please share these stories.

4 thoughts on “Fireproof Movie is Hot on Opening Weekend!

  1. My husband and I saw Fireproof together, and we were struck by the movie’s celebration of covenant marriage and unconditional love. So many movies today just insult marriage, promote affairs or portray marriage as joyless and worthless. Fireproof boldly proclaimed marriage as well-worth the sacrifice, yet didn’t back down from the fact that it’s at times difficult, even agonizing. Not only that, the film-makers didn’t just make a movie about marriage, they developed peripheral tools to make marriages stronger. We have a copy of the Love Dare book used in the film, as well as a “Couple’s Kit” which is a bible-study based on the film that couples can do at home or with a group. These have made a real difference in our ability to address and improve these areas in our own marriage, and they are probably the most important things we have done for our marriage this year. I found them online at

    My advice: take your spouse, your fiancée, or someone who might be married someday and go see this film.

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