Fireproof Movie Has Ignited 862 Marriages!

Fireproof continues to fill theaters this week  and is quick approaching the $10 million box office mark. The theaters are filling up with couples who are struggling with their marriages. The results  . . . the movie has  ignited at least 862 marriages and is still counting. This is according to the fireproof web site (under the page that features stories).

Here are two of the posted stories . . .

Kristin – Posted on October 01, 2008
This movie really hit home! My husband and I have only been married for a year and it almost ended after six months. But my husband saw this movie before it came out. And he started doing the love dare on me. I’m so glad he did because I’ve never loved him so much and I look at him in a total different light. Yes, we are still working on our marriage like all couples, but if he didn’t see this movie I believe that we wouldn’t be together today. God works in mysterious ways and I’m so thankful he worked so hard with us.

Dean– Posted on October 01, 2008
My wife and I have been married for a year and we went on opening night to see the movie. Wow is all I can say. We were completely blown away. The last month and a half has been the most difficult time in our marriage, but this movie gave us hope of what God’s power can do. We are buying The Love Dare and looking forward to having a wonderful marriage. Our prayer is that this movie changes lives. Can’t wait to get it on DVD. God will bless anyone who sees this film.

It is great to see a film that has more than just entertainment value – but it also makes an impact on the culture.  In fact the Kenderick Brothers wanted this film to do just that – impact culture and help to ignite and save marriages in this country. Fireproof is so much more than a movie – it is becoming a movement and marriages are being healed.

As Fireproof goes into this weekend – there will only be about 30 screens lost in the overall screens that were dedicated from opening weekend. The third weekend is when the larger expansion will take place – several hundred screens will be added on October 10th, 2008.  Look to the web site for updates on new cities.

Let’s go see the film Fireproof and support this movie!!

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