Really Woolly – A Safe Place for Kids To Go On the Web!

Introducing a new web site for families – This new web site is the creation of Flying Rhino Studios ( which by the way is located in Portland Oregon). Really Woolly  provides  a family friendly adventure that allows each child to schedule a time with a live teacher. During this adventure a child can play educational games, learn stories from the Bible, watch videos and all in all have a fun engaging time. Your teacher address’ each child by name and make the experience very personal. It is my understanding that each teacher is a student from Multnomah University ( formally know as Multnomah Bible College).  So the teachers are solid in their knowledge of the Bible and from I can see are very warm and exciting as they lead each child thru the Really Woolly Adventure.

So bottom line – check out the web site and have some fun learning with all the characters from this warm clan of woolly sheep.

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