What’s in Phil Vischers – “What’s in The Bible?”

In 1993  I was flipping through a Childrens Ministry Magazine looking for new  teaching tools when I discovered a full page ad promoting a new DVD ( sorry – a new VHS video) called Veggietales.  I ordered the VHS  ( one of the original VHS Tapes from the first run) and waited for the package to arrive with anticipation. As I discovered  after viewing – I knew this guy named Phil was on to something.  Wow – I love  Veggietales! How creative and original – I thought to myself. This guy is raising the bar in Christian media!!  The episode was entertaining, funny, well written and loaded with opportunities to learn some great lessons.

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Fast forward  17 years  and  it seems that Mr. Vischer has  done it again – with a new series called “What’s in The Bible?”   This new project  has created the same level of anticipation as I waited for my preview copy  of  “What’s in The Bible? to arrive in the mail.  The same level  one might feel when you are waiting in the car of a Roller Coaster. I have to say the beginning of the video was a little slow.  It is kind of like waiting for the roller coaster to begin moving and head up the track – click, click, click, click. I know it is going to pick up – but I can’t wait for the car to get to the top so we can pick up some speed.

As you move beyond Phil’s opening – get ready, fasten your seat belts because it is going to be a fun and an educational engaging ride. The theme song rolls (which by the way is quirky, fun and really grows on you).  I might also add that Phil catapults the use of puppets to a new level ( at least in the arena of Christian kids media). There is a potpourri of segments filled with cleaver songs and teaching lessons (i,e, The Fabulous Bentley Brothers, Sunday School Lady, Songs with Chuck Wagon and  Pastor Paul as he  helps to  explain those difficult words) and many other engaging segments.   Wow – after viewing I have discovered there is alot of information in each of these DVDs ( and that is a good thing).  A good thing because parents will have a plethora of material that will set the table for many family discussions about the Bible. From my understanding Phil sets out to cover the entire Bible in a 13 DVD series. The first  DVD starts at the beginning and will be  covering the Book of Genesis – and the second DVD explores the Book of Exodus.

Each DVD also includes “The BIG Questions” segments with Buck Denver (which by the way brings flashbacks of Gilligan’s Island to my mind ever time I hear Mr. Denver’s name). Anyway – sorry for the distraction.  These segments allow us to dig deeper into the reason each book was written and how the principals apply to our lives.

Overall – this new series is going to fill a much needed void and will assist parents and Children’s Pastors with a few extra tools to communicate the powerful truth of Gods word.  My hope is that this new series will have an impact on our culture and will increase knowledge of the Bible and show itself in the daily lives of children and parents.

Thanks Mr. Vischer for dreaming big, following  your calling and staying true to impacting culture through God’s Word!!

6 thoughts on “What’s in Phil Vischers – “What’s in The Bible?”

  1. We’ve really loved this series so far. Having watched Jelly Telly since it started we’d been hoping we could purchase some of the content, especially the teaching about books of the bible so this was a dream come true.

  2. However much I love VeggieTales, I love the new series even more. I’m a teacher and the context and history of the Bible is sooooooooooo important. Thanks for taking this daunting task!!

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