New Crop of Veggietales For Christmas!

Kids Can Color their own stocking . . . again and again!! has a new crop of Veggietales just in time for Christmas. We have the new Christmas Stockings that a child can color again and again. We also have new ornaments for those who collect a Veggietales ornament every year  (4 different ornaments to choose from this year).

On sale for only $8.99!

Don’t forget to check out the all new 2011 Veggietales Calendars ( on sale by the way for only $8.99 each).

The list goes on and on in regards to all the new Veggietales items. Did I mention the new backpacks, dinner ware, Veggietales Plush, the Sweet Pea Castle and so much more!!!

For those who are Larryboy fans – somehow Big Idea decided to bring back the Larryboy Mobile. We are so excited at This is one of the  ( if not the most) favorite Veggietales items ever made.

Three different styles to choose from - Bob, Larry or multi character. has a great deal on the Larry Mobile ( until we run out). We are offering the Larry Mobile and with a FREE Larryboy Double feature DVD. Check it out!!!

Hold on – there’s more – we have new items rolling in December 18th.  The Veggietales Umbrellas are coming – there will be three different styles to choose from – check them out at this link.

New Veggietales Aprons, iron on patches, new backpacks, Bible Covers, music, DVDs, Veggietales books and the list goes on and on!!

Thanks for reading and shopping at !!!

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