I’ve Never Seen That Street Sign Before!

Recently I started to walk each morning instead of going to the gym to walk on the treadmill for some daily exercise. Why you might ask (or might not).  The gym is so nice and new with the high tech equipment. Anyway – It’s cheaper for one thing and also not as boring as the enclosed upstairs of the gym.  I also am able to join my wife and enjoy her company on each walking adventure.

The  last few times I have begun to noticed elements that I had never seen before.  Really – I never noticed!   Northeast Wiberg Lane was one of the things I have missed for years.  I have driven down this street hundreds of times and never noticed the name of the street. You see when you are driving your car your eyes are always on the road ( which is a good safety guideline to follow).  As a result you miss details. They may seem like unimportant details – but details non the less.

Another item was as I walked under a tree and looked up in the branches to see five birds nets. Something I had never seen as I quickly drove down the street in a hurry to my next destination.

So how does this apply to life?  Well – it can be applied in the following manner.  Slow down and notice the small details in life. Enjoy the journey and those who are on the adventure with you. Life is short and fleeting and happens at light speed. Life is about relationships, memories and taking care of others.  True happiness is not found in the accumulation of stuff – but rather in living simple and uni-cumbered by piles of material possessions

So next time you want to exercise – walk in your neighborhood and take in all the surroundings and enjoy the journey.

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