James Hong Interview in Portland


In 2013 I was working on a new family movie called “The Lost Medallion” and I had the chance to interview one of the stars of the film. You may not recognize his name, but at some point in the last sixty years you surely have seen the face or heard the voice of James Hong on TV or in film. James has appeared in over 500 film and television shows, not to mentioned the many voice over roles throughout the years. James did the voice over for Mr.Ping in Kung Fu Panda #1 and #2 and he says maybe in Kung Fu Panda #3.

The day of the interview just happened to be Mr. Hong’s 84th birthday. He shared that he really started out in thIMG_4845e business as a comic  and included impersonations of Jimmy Stewart, James Cagney and others in his routine ( he shared a few impersonations with us as well). James Hong is classy gentleman and it was a thrill to meet this Hollywood legend.

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