Lights. Camera. Take Action!

There is a new movie that opens today in theaters all across the USA. You may or may not have heard about it. This film broke records in April by using an ‘on demand” model to bring the film to theaters. Over 70k families all over the USA went to the film and loved the movie.  As a result of the films HUGE success using a limited release model, Freestyle Releasing presented the opportunity to distribute the film in a traditional release on June 5th, 2015. That is today!!

Beyond the Mask is the movie and it’s a revolution in faith- based film making. It’s full of action, adventure, romance and redemption. BTM is a wholesome and clean movie that will entertain from beginning to the end. There is no bait and switch in this film (no language and none of the rude and crude elements that find their way into many so called family movies). I would go as far to say this is a “must see” movie this weekend! This film has depth in the story and cast and takes you to the early years of the history of our country and  the struggles that many faced in birthing a new nation. The sets and special effects are beautiful and simple amazing to watch. The cast includes Kara Killmer (Chicago Fire),  Andrew Chaney ( Seasons of Grey), John Rhys-Davies ( Lord of the Rings) to name a few. See additional video interviews below.

I am excited for Beyond The Mask and the success that the film is experiencing and with your support this weekend “Beyond The Mask” will continue to break records.

So “take action” this weekend and go see “Beyond The Mask” at a theater near you!

Check out the theater listings at Beyond The Mask web Site.

See you at the movies!  David Almgren

Here is the trailer for the film;

Check out the interviews with some of the cast from the film ( John Rhys-Davies):

Interview with Andrew Cheney:

Interview with Kara Killmer;

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