Woodlawn is a Movie For Such a Time is This!

12088446_1363387020434203_8412621502137478954_nWOODLAWN arrives in theaters in one week and is ready to score BIG with audiences across the USA. WOODLAWN bows on an aggressive 1500 screens on Friday October 16th.

WOODLAWN is an entertaining and inspiring story that is based on a true story. The film has an incredible cast that includes Jon Voight, Sean Astin, Nic Bishop, Sherri Shepherd, Caleb Castile and a few more. Click here for more info on the cast. 

I really enjoyed how the directors shot the film. They wanted the audience to feel like you are right in the middle of the football action.You really feel like you are apart of the team and as a result the directors give you a unique perspective from the huddle to the end zone.

SYNOPSIS OF THE MOVIE: “A gifted high school football player must learn to boldly embrace his talent and his faith as he battles racial tensions on and off the field in WOODLAWN, a moving and inspirational new film based on the true story of how love and unity overcame hate and division in early 1970s Birmingham, Ala.

Tony Nathan (newcomer Caleb Castille) lands in a powder keg of anger and violence when he joins fellow African-American students at Woodlawn High School after its government-mandated desegregation in 1973. The Woodlawn Colonels football team is a microcosm of the problems at the school and in the city, which erupts in cross burnings and riots, and Coach Tandy Gerelds (Nic Bishop) is at a loss to solve these unprecedented challenges with his disciplinarian ways.

It’s only when Hank (Sean Astin), an outsider who has been radically affected by the message of hope and love he experienced at a Christian revival meeting, convinces Coach Gerelds to let him speak to the team that something truly remarkable begins to happen. More than 40 players, nearly the entire team, black and white, give their lives over to the “better way” Hank tells them is possible through following Jesus, and the change is so profound in them it affects their coach, their school and their community in ways no one could have imagined.”

I believe WOODLAWN lands in theaters for such a time as this. It does not take long to see that our world is upside down right now and something has got to change. As we look back in time, all the social engineering did not work in Birmingham and fast forward to today and it’s still not working. It was not the social engineering that brought change in Birmingham, it was a move of God that saved WOODLAWN high school and as a result had a deep impact on individuals, the school, the city and the state of Alabama.  We need healing, unity, racial reconciliation and we need revival in our country.

WOODLAWN is a story about a high school that was saved by a revival. It is a powerful story that does not need to stay in the history books, but it needs to happen again.

Revival happened in Birmingham and it can happen again in your city!!!

Check out the trailer for WOODLAWN and share it with your friends and make plans to see WOODLAWN on opening weekend October 16th!

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